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American Museum of Papermaking
of Institute of Paper Science and Technology in Atlanta, Georgia

Carriage House Paper Museum
The museum features a tremendous collection of books, handmade paper and artifacts used in the making of paper. All of these materials have been collected by Elaine Koretsky and Donna Koretsky.

Dard Hunter Studios
(Chillicothe, Ohio) dedicated to insure the long term preservation of Dard Hunter´s Mountain House home and working studio and to establish it as a living museum.

Historic Rittenhouse Town
It is the site of the Rittenhouse Homestead, the site of the first paper mill in America

Historic RittenhouseTown
It is the site of Americas first paper mill, established in 1690 by Wilhelm Rittenhausen. Today, 7 buildings remain, dating from the early 18th century until the end of the 19th century.

Rittenhouse Town
(Philadelphia, PA)In 1690, William Rittenhouse and his son, Nicholas, built a mill to manufacture fine white paper. It was America´s first paper mill.

The Crane Museum
housed in Crane’s 1844 Old Stone Mill at Dalton, MA. The museum is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Crane Museum of Papermaking
Exhibits trace the history of American papermaking from Revolutionary times.