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Despite an almost endless variety of machinemade papers, in all structures, colours and weights, handmade paper still has its charm in our days. The search for something special has drawn attention to handmade paper. Keeping in hand a sheet of handmade paper - the result of craftsman's skill - one may wish to recall the origins and history of this craft and technique.

Using the most modern medium - the paperless World Wide Web - for retrieving informations on a two thousand years old craft, a lot of interesting websites on paper history, historic paper mills, paper museums and handmade paper in general can be found.

About mid of 1998 this website started as a one-page-only list of links and developped continously into a gateway to handmade paper on the (inter)net. All links are accompanied by short comments in same language as the website referred to. Contents is now clearly structured into different categories:

  • History of Paper and Papermaking: visitors can learn about history of paper and papermaking process.
  • Paper Museums and Historic Paper Mills conserving the ancient craft of hand papermaking to our days. Those places where visitors can try to make their own paper are specially marked.
  • Papermaking Instructions: various instructions how to make paper by hand may encourage to try forming sheets of paper at home.
  • Producers: a long list of contemporary hand papermakers demonstrates that the old skill of making paper by hand has not vanished or is reduced to hobby-craft. Papermills founded some hundred years ago and still working as well as new mills established within the last few years can be found. Historic mills and those with museums are marked by a small symbol.
  • Paper Art: the broad spectrum of paper as a medium for artists - not only for writing, printing, drawing or painting.
  • Dictionaries & Glossaries to understand the jargon of papermakers from ancient days up to modern papermaking.
  • Organisations related to handmade paper and paper history.
  • Watermarks: all about paper watermarks and watermark collections.
  • Workshops where the skills of making handmade paper are tought.
  • Various: different essays and articels on handmade paper.
  • New Pages: visitors repeatedly coming around the site will find new links added within the last three months additionaly on a separate page. .

A function is installed to search the entire site with a high-performance search engine.

The main objective of "Handmade Paper on the Net" is to provide a unique and comprehensive overview of worldwide internet projects some way connected with handmade paper and paper history.The website is maintained in regular intervalls of 4 to 8 weeks and updated with new links.

A new directory technique is now in use powered by Free PHP Directory Script.

Enjoy visiting the world of handmade paper!

Dieter Freyer
Vienna / Austria, November 2004

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